Food supplements can only develop their full benefit if the vital substances they contain are available in sufficient doses and if these are also absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, the fact is that most of the active ingredients in conventional food supplements are not used by the body at all, but are excreted uselessly.
VITA INVEST products COC, curcumin, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, frankincense (Boswllia Serrata) and CDB oil contain only natural substances and are free of genetically engineered substances, chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol, preservatives, glycol, glycerine and polysorbates.

Almost 100% bioavailable

With the unique and patented VITA IVEST process, poorly soluble substances can be absorbed and processed directly. This results in maximum bioavailability.

Faster effect at the destination

The active ingredients of VITA INVEST products can migrate more easily through cell membranes and deposit their charge much faster and more precisely.

Thanks to the revolutionary MyCell Technology , the VITA INVEST vital substances work extremely efficiently. Therefore, maximum effect is achieved with a minimum dose.

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