ArtemiCTM update – Approval for sale in the European Union and Clinical Trial results on Indian COVID‐19 patients

ArtemiC Rescue - VITA INVEST

Key Highlights:

ArtemiC™, MGC’s proprietary nutraceutical food supplement designed to support the
immune system, has received regulatory approval for sale in Germany and has been issued a
Certificate of Free Sale, opening the door to the European Union and international markets.

 ArtemiC™ utilises Swiss Pharmacan AG’s patented MyCell technology which increases the
bioavailability of the natural ingredients used in the ArtemiCTM formulation.

 ArtemiCTM successfully underwent a Phase II Clinical Trial in 2020, which demonstrated
efficacy in improving and expediting the clinical recovery of patients with mild COVID19, as
detailed in previous Company announcements

 Separately, as part of the registration process for CimetrA™ in India, an observational open
label controlled Clinical Trial of its sister product ArtemiCTM, showed that the formulation
demonstrated its efficacy in the treatment of patients with severe COVID19 for the first time

 The trial was conducted as part of the process to obtain emergency use authorisation for
CimetrA™ in India (see 3 September 2021 announcement)
The observational trial included 20 hospitalised patients including ten patients who were in
need of oxygen supply, and ten who were on mechanical ventilation